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Hiding Technology to Create Minimalistic Masterpieces

All of the capabilities, none of the visible technology

Hiding Technology to Create Minimalistic Masterpieces

As a professional in the design space, you know firsthand that minimalism is on trend right now. Whether you’re creating home decor to help sell a house or making a dream habitat for a family settling into one, many customers prefer the clean lines and tidy look of less wiring.

Tech integrators and designers work together to ensure that homes have full smart capabilities for clients without letting the technology steal the show. From a design standpoint, devices or wires that don’t match the overall feel of the home should be concealed. Keep reading for a few ideas on blending smart home features with your client’s design vision.

5 Crucial Signs Your Home Control System Needs an Upgrade

Elevate Your Virginia Home With Smarter Home Control!

5 Crucial Signs Your Home Control System Needs an Upgrade

The smart home concept continually evolves to meet current technologies. Just think about how many new and improved capabilities we see at CEDIA and CES every year: once you think you’ve seen it all, technology gets smarter, and you have plenty of the necessary upgrades.

The ultimate goal of your Suffolk, VA smart home is to automate and streamline your lifestyle. Your security, entertainment, audio, lighting and video should integrate to create maximum convenience. While you might have added a few new upgrades in recent years, here are some telltale signs that the changes you made barely scratched the surface of what a home control system can do for you.

5 Home Automation Upgrades You’ll Need This Winter

See How Smart Home Control Solves Your Winter Woes

5 Home Automation Upgrades You’ll Need This Winter

When you think about winter activities, what do you picture? In the Chesapeake, VA area, we all know it gets too cold for many outdoor activities from October to March. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts a long, snowy winter for Coastal Virginia, forcing us all inside our homes more often.

Since most of our gatherings and leisure time will take place indoors, we rely more on our smart home control technologies to get us through this long winter. Enjoy your season with smarter home automation that will make the most of your natural resources and home environment.

Bright Idea: Using Lighting Control to Improve Your Well-Being

Shining a Light on the Latest Trends in Lighting Automation

Bright Idea: Using Lighting Control to Improve Your Well-Being

There’s always plenty to do at home -- helping kids with homework, preparing holiday meals, studying, taking care of finances and maybe even a full-time, remote job. If you’ve found that you’re having trouble being productive at home, consider changing your environment.

Did you know that the secret to your health and happiness might start with the lights in your home? If the lighting in your space is making you sluggish, anxious or sad without you even noticing, your Virginia Beach haven could benefit from lighting control.

You might be among the growing number of employees who works remotely part or full time. Research shows that nearly half of Americans worked at least one day a week at home last year, and a survey among business owners agreed that about one-third more of their staff would transition to remote work in the next ten years. If they’re talking about you or future you, your home lighting matters much more because it impacts your happiness AND your company’s operations.