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Nest Protect: Not Your Parents Smoke Detector

What makes Nest Protect Smart?

Nest Protect: Not Your Parents Smoke Detector

Many devices have fallen from grace in the wake of the smartphone. Some examples are standalone: the GPS, the Disc-man, and even the digital camera. Your dishcloth may never go the way of the Disc-man, but it is being replaced in at least one way by technology. Nest Protect is not your parents smoke detector.

One Remote to Rule Them All

We have to laugh sometimes at the necessity of the “remote caddy,” another thing that takes up space in your home. Doesn’t it seem silly to have separate remotes for your television, your cable or satellite system, and your DVD or Blu-Ray player? Given the frequency with which you have to switch remotes to watch a favorite show or movie, it’s no surprise that people get frustrated. What happens, too, when you lose one of those remotes and can’t watch anything at all?

The LED Projector VS. Digital Light Projector

Why an LED is a Major Improvement

The LED Projector VS. Digital Light Projector

There has been an important innovation in projector technology. In the past, a large format projector used a bulb or a lamp. This technology was developed in the late 80’s and created a way to show large projections relatively easily. The Digital Light Projector, or DLP, was used for a long time but had its limitations. The equipment was expensive to purchase. Also, the lamp would need to be replaced periodically, which wasn’t cheap either. Because it used a lamp, the device would run hot and was prone to overheating. Lastly, stray light would wash out the display and make it hard to see. Today, we have Lampless LED projectors.

Samsung’s 4K TV is a Game-Changer

Samsung recently announced the addition of a more affordable 4K model to its lineup of Ultra High Definition televisions. Their previous 4K TV, the UNF8000 model, boasted an 85-inch screen and cost nearly $40,000. The new Samsung’s F9000 model is available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes for $5,499 and $7,499, respectively. 4K resolution offers 3840 pixels x 2160 lines, which is twice the resolution of traditional high-definition technology. Samsung has created a proprietary system call Quadmatic Picture Engine to display normal HD content on their Ultra HD televisions. Considering how quickly networks moved to create HD content, it won’t be long before you’re watching your favorite shows in 4K resolution.